Exhaust System

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All Listers, It's that time of year again when the vintage racers go up for sale. And, that's what I'm doing. I'm selling my 1961 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite #42 EP, red. This is a beautiful 100% complete turnkey race car with the best of the best componets installed. This car has been featured in numerous magazines. No expense was spared during restoration and safe racing preperation. Nothing is needed. Roll it off the trailer and go racing. 1275, Longman Head, numerous Speedwell componets installed, custom Speedwell rollbar (the best in the business), Kirkey Ultralight seat, Big Tube LCB... MORE

Yep!! :) Depends on head preparation, etc. and how much time you spend (sustained) "up there" considering you are not getting the 10.5-1 "down there"! Matter of fact, you are probably getting (maybe) what the 8.8-1 stock engine gets "down there" with the milder stock cam wherein cylinder filling would occur at lower rpm vs where this would occur (higher rpm) with your longer duration 270 profile. This "effect" would be even more so with the 1.5 rockers which allow for a little more lift per degree of "on ramp" cam travel (automatic "cam upgrade"!) So "ping" on acceleration... MORE

Underneath chassis, Right side of tunnel, slightly. Bob, Portland, OR "Robert Webb" 5356... MORE

all.. i am missing my dissasembly notes, and have looked thru the Haynes/Horler/etc./ sources and cannot locate a picture. do the brake and gas lines run in the tunnel or underneath the chassis as they go from engine compartment back to rear? thanks ken horner '60 BE "pblock4x4" 5355... MORE

Hi, Just took a look at my extra carb parts in my garage... The spacer is .500" thick, there is also a gasket that is about 3/16" thick attached to the spacer. If you require more info, let me know and I will see if I can help you out.... Ps. My original carbs/manifold assembly are just collecting dust, if you are interested, let me know. Phil, Aurora, Ontario, Canada "Phil" 5331... MORE

Can anyone tell me the thickness of the spacer that goes between the carb and the manifold on a SU H-1? I'm going to have some made, but I don't have one that size to give me a thickness. Thanks! "headlap" 5327... MORE

I'm running HS-4's so please excuse if I'm wrong. I agree with Doug in that the overflow pipes are very necessary in order to keep from using your fire extinguisher. I have found that SU carburetors do not label the in, out, and straight through pipes of the front carburetor. I suggest removal of the top of the float chamber to see where the fuel comes in, (the needle and seat location) and where it passes through to the rear carburetor. As stated, I could be wrong but I had the same problem with HS-4's. Bob, Portland, OR "Robert... MORE

Need some opinions...How important are the overflow pipes on the Bugeye carbs? I am experiencing fuel leakage and it seems to be coming from the top of the carb. I have checked the float level at it is O.K. My car doesn't have the oveflow pipes, but I have them ready to install if deemed necessary. Also, if installed, how long should the pipes be? They come from Moss extremely long, as if meant to be cut to fit. "biminicat2001" 5318... MORE

Iwoody- The application carries a mechanical fuel pump so overpressure shouldn't be a factor in flooding of the float bowls. That leaves worn needle valves as you've stated the float bowl levels are correctly set...otherwise they might be at fault if set too high. The overflow pipes should be of sufficent length to assure fuel flows clear of the engine compartment/vehicle. Cap'n. Bob (Ret'd) '60 Frog PilotRob@... 5323... MORE

The overflow pipes are very important, and they should be long enough so any overflowing fuel is carried below the exhaust manifold. There's something about raw gasoline on a hot manifold that I think is best avoided. You say your float level is fine, but how are your needle valves? If they are not closing properly, the fuel will continue to flow regardless of what the float is doing. You might want to check your fuel pressure as well. Good luck, Doug Ingram Victoria BC 1958 Sprite AN5L/636 Doug Ingram 5321... MORE

I'm looking for a few odds and ends to put toghether a H-1 set up. I need a heat shield and the thick spacers or insulators between the manifold and the carbs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Gary "headlap" 5312... MORE

Dear Bugeye Kinfolk: A fellow Bugeye enthusiast here is trying to revert to a more original carburetor setup on his 948 engine. He will be using a set of rebuilt SU H1 carbs, but neither of us has ever seen an original setup so that we know how they should look complete and attached, and what we might lack in the way of "fixings" to make them work correctly. We are not sure about things like cable connections, throttle linkages, manifold spacers, heat shield, etc. It would really help us if we could find a good photo or two... MORE

Hi Larry, Nope, not the missing inner fenders but look at the frame areas where the exhaust pipe would pass through, more clearly seen on the right side. I don't have my books handy for a crossover chassis number, but this is the way early cars were constructed and was changed fairly early on. Notice too that the corner gussets are missing above the steering column holes. They don't seem to have been removed and these are the types of modifications that came early on when the Bugeye was being "fine tuned in the field". I obviously can't say... MORE

Here's the info. This is easy, especially if your car is upside down. Measurements from the bottom (closest part to the ground). 3.250" from the damper mounting bracket, 1.750" up, and 1.875 oc. Or................ 8.125" from the top, 8.250 from the drive shaft tunnel, then 1.875" oc. If you need more info, E-mail off list. HTH Phil Aurora, Ontario, Canada "Phil" 5007... MORE

All, I'm slowly rebuilding the old bugeye frame that I bought last year and I am at the point where I am about to close off the rear transverse chassis rail. I have'nt bought the exhaust system yet, and I am putting in a patch where there was a hanger for the exhaust pipe. Would someone be kind enough to give distances so that I can figure out where to weld in the keeper nuts that are near the tunnel and that need to be welded in before I close things off ? These are the nuts to which... MORE

Hi all, I will be installing a 1275 engine in my frogeye (one day) and have been offered a cheap, new stainless exhaust. But do I want an exhaust for a frogeye (so that the fixing points are OK) or an exhaust for a later car (to match the engine)? Or doesn't it matter much - ie what do I look for when buying an exhaust? Confused? Not as much as I am! Chris '58 Frogeye in South Wales "howes" 5001... MORE

At the ABFM, I met Gene Powell of radfin@... that has bugeye parts to sell or trade for MKIII parts. He has a 948 High Compression w/carbs & exhaust? + a smoothcase transmission that he would like $200.00 for or trade. 503-546-3932 or 503-281-8783. Also has sway bar and I don't know what else but it looks like a lot. Bob, Portland, OR "rw97060" 4850... MORE

Pixel- Hey.....Happy Birthday, man! And I owe you a 6 pack!! 1.401" intake valves were the largest offered by the factory for 1275 Cooper "S" types! 1.48" intake valves were strictly "aftermarket" types according to Doug at MiniCity. Interesting note: Doug states the larger exhaust valves (1.215?) used in "later" heads did not produce any more power than the smaller exhaust valves originally used and the the latest heads went back to the smaller exhaust valves of the original heads, accordingly. So....check is in the mail!! Enjoy! :) Cap'n. Bob '60 :{) PilotRob@... 4770... MORE

I will be installing a 1275 into my Bugeye some day soon, and noticed the exhaust systems available are different from the 948 to the 1275. Do I go with a 948 exhaust system in order to fit the Bugeye body, or do I go with the 1275 exhaust system to fit the 1275 manifold? Another way to ask is, will the 1275 exhaust system fit without modification into the Bugeye body? Tim C. "Tim L. Creger" 4762... MORE

Fun to drive? In a straight line, yes. Top end it would outrun FI BelAires, 2X4 Furies, etc. Handling was awful, and brakes equally bad, but then most of the contemporary American cars were just as bad, so it wasn't as noticable then as it would be now. However it was nowhere nearly as much fun as a 948 Bugeye. My first drive in a Bugeye is still clear in my memory - it handled like it was velcroed to the road, and the brakes (drums!... my, how perceptions change) were great. Add the four speed gearbox, which I'd... MORE

Try a NAPA 17702, it fits and doesn't cost TOO much $$$ (cubic dollars)last one I bought was ~$20 USD. Years ago, Auto-X Magazine tested this muffler on a 1800CC engined car and it did better than anything else. 2" in and out. Good Luck-Steve "an5l9717" 4734... MORE

Advance Auto parts sells a fine muffler which will fit a bugeye if you have the larger exhaust pipe (i.e. 1275). It's a straight through; the guts look just like the RC40. Bolts right in. Just ask for a muffler for a '68 Midget. "tloutrec" 4733... MORE

"Will it mount directly to the head pipe?" "NOOOOH!!" (courtesy your "Company computer guy" - SNL) It's sort of sausage shaped (heh,heh,heh), JerriMarc, but it will fit nicely between the gas tank 1/4 ellip. left spring. The stock 948's exhaust is of smaller diameter though, but any good muffler shop should be able to fix you up. Might even be a good idea to go with the later 1.5" system from the header pipe back to release another couple of hp. Incidentally, one of these (can't recall which) is supposedly "one way" flow (to keep sound level down a... MORE

Where can I purchase a cherry bomb or thrush for a 58? Part #? Will it mount directly to head pipe? Thanks, jerriemarc@... 4718... MORE

HI, G. And there is a reason why APT offers 1.468 as the largest intake valve! The 1.48 was the original size when the Cooper 1275 S originally made the scene and yes, these heads cracked between the valves all the time. I'll look this up when I get back home early next week. Let's see if I can find it. I remember this when I was setting up my 45DCO carb. about 20 years or so ago. May have gotten this from Sports & Classics. If I'm wrong (BTDT!) I will send you money for a 6 pack... MORE