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Gerard and list, I did the plastigauge dry and clean, torqued to 35 lbs. Well, I started her up today with fresh rod bearings and the same knock is there. I guess my problem was not my rod bearings. While the car was running I performed the following to see If I could get an idea as to what was causing the noise: 1) I pulled each spark lead one at a time to see which cylinder might be causing the problem ( this did not make any difference in the knock, therefore I'm ruling out a cylinder and/or... MORE

Trying to get some Spridgeteers together for this years drive through Richmond Park London(UK). Everyone welcome, with Spridgets or without. Sunday midday 9th June. e-mail me off list for more info Gary L 1958 Frogeye Camden, London "garyloisuk" 3928... MORE

I want to offer a big thanks to everyone that offered help on my unusual lug nut situation. I received a great deal of assistance from many of you and a few leads actually went somewhere. I don't have the problem 100% solved yet, but there are two possible solutions. One is fading quickly but the other is my fallback position so one way or another I think it will happen. In the process of looking for these lug nuts, I ended up contacting a guy in Connecticut who is, I believe, _the_ US distributor for Genuine Minilite wheels.... MORE

'58-'60 A-H Bugeye Sprite parts." Engine (4) Engines (3) Transmissions (1) Alternator (2) Distributors (2) Starters (1) Master cylinder (2) Sets of SU Carbs (1) Radiator (1) Radiator shroud Wheels, Suspension, Steering (6) Wheels (8) Shocks (8) Drums (4) Springs (2) Drive shafts (2) Rear axles (2) Rear axle shafts (2) Original jacks Body (1) Bugeye grill (1) Pair of Bugeye doors (1) Hardtop (1) Windshield (1) Windshield wiper motor (1) Front bumper and matching posts (1) Pair of rear bumper posts (1) Seat (1) Convertible Cover (1) Torneau Cover Other (1) Dashboard (2) Speedometers (3) Tachometers (2) Fuel... MORE

hi all Jim, in France we call Sprites frogeye and I think this nickname is used in the main Europe because the origine of Frogeye came from UK. European people probably haven't the same "view" as American ! Franck 58 Frog (bug) eye "franck thibaud" 3898... MORE

hi all Jim, in France we call Sprites frogeye and I think this nickname is used in the main Europe because the origine of Frogeye came from UK. European people probably haven't the same "view" as American ! Franck 58 Frog (bug) eye "franck thibaud" 3897... MORE

Hi Listers, I am swapping my frogeye front suspension for a later disc set up, and also adding an anti-roll bar. Most of the parts are available (at a price) but some for exchange only (eg hubs). I have been looking for some cheap used parts to exchange (to avoid the sur charge) and use any serviceable items. Are the (much) later rubber bumper midget front suspensions the same as the earlier midget ones? I guess the springs might be different - but what els e? In addition, are the 1500 rear half shafts useable in a frogeye axle?... MORE


For those of you that were at Dixon today, I was there, but just barely. Between getting out of SF with the Bay to Breakers run and the rain that never stopped, I didn't get there until around 11:30AM. As I turned the corner onto First street, I saw Glen Byrns sitting about 4 cars back from the stop sign, with his top down in the pouring rain. I stopped and rolled my window down in the Traveller and he hollered that everyone was going home, which was apparent from the line of British cars amongst the traffic behind... MORE

ED, I did use a stethescope and it sounds like it is coming from the bottom end. =( You in San Diego ED? This morning I redid my valves and they were close to spot on, so this noise is not from the valves. It looks like I might have to flat bed it over to Ian on Rosecrans unless you know of a better british shop in the San Diego Area. Better yet if you would like to come over I'll buy you a coffee and you can ponder on my engine problems too. =) I'm in the... MORE


Hey guys anyone got a working horn button lying around they wouldn't mind parting with. I also have a brand new soft top from Victoria British (I never use the top) for a bugeye that I am looking to trade for a Tonneau Cover also for a bugeye. I would just return and get the cover, but Victoria wont take it back without the receipt. LMK Thanks Steve 1960 AN5 46441 San Diego, up and down the 5 almost every day. "Steve and Briana Jors" 3831... MORE

Sprite referred to as Frogeye in UK, Bugeye in US and Canada. "danforth50" 3828... MORE

Anybody know how I can find out what the original paint was for Old English White? I'm in the process of restoring a bugeye and soon I am painting, but need to know what paint to use to get the same Old English White color that was original. Troy Harker "troy_harker" 3790... MORE

Hi All, I have two requests for help, one basic - the other related to tools. The basic question is: I have stripped the car and will have re-painted the body soon. In terms of mechanical parts, is there an order of rebuild that I should be guided by. What do i put back first? My guess would be : Brake pipes, wiring harness, fuel tank, rear suspension /brakes, front suspension/brakes, engine/gearbox, ancillary electricals (he ater, wipers), dash, trim, then seats. Or doesn't it matter much? Secondly, I am going to buy a sander. Is a random orbit sander... MORE

Hi Tad That sounds good to me Let me know what information you want about my 1958 Frogeye. I'm here with my Heritage certificate in my hand..... Gary L Camden, London "garyloisuk" 3778... MORE

There is already an international register, maintained by the Midget and Sprite Club in the UK. Go to You might want to register your car(s) with them. Doug Ingram Victoria BC 1958 Sprite (AN5L/636) 1963 Sprite Mk II project (HAN7L/30003) Doug Ingram 3779... MORE

Hi, I'm Rodger Talley and this is my first post on Yahoo so bear with me. I'm an a proud owner for the past 17 years of a '59 Bugeye (AN5L18394)Sprite and a member since 1978 of the British Motoring Club of New Orreans. The first ten years I spent restoring the sprite to original condition, while at the same time reworking and installing a 1275 w/ribcase and a pair of front disc brakes. I have always been a sports car nut and my 17 year old mind visualized the Bugeye Sprite was the epitome of sports cardom. But... MORE

List, I was thinking about ordering the manifold from Moss UK (# gac7018 ) about $140.00 US and a hell of a lot cheaper than MOSS USA. http://www.moss- I have a 1275 +040 over and a street cam. My manifold right now has about 1 inch diameter tubes off the head (the middle tube is 1 inch also). I believe that that manifold sold at moss uk above has larger diameter tubes. What are you guys running or what could you recommend for a setup similar to mine??? Thanks for all the info people!!! =) Chris A58BugEyE AN5L... MORE

TY Bob, I ended up using 25 on the smalls and 52 on the bigs. I also used copper coat on the head gasket. NO LEAKS =) for now that is lol. It is British afterall, Chris A58BugEyE AN5L 4431 "a58bugeye" 3754... MORE

Hi, Any one know what the original colours of the engine bay and front chassis rails (an cross member)were? Body colour or black? Thanks Listers Chris South Wales, UK '58 Frogeye - no moving parts attached, but not much rust any more and pain ted inside! "howes" 3748... MORE

It sounds like you are missing, Oh I hope not, the front mounting plate. Austin "A" engines have a seperate "Plate" in front and in back of the engine. Page 76 in the new catalog shows the idea for the 1500 engine. The shape is different for the 948,1098, & 1275, but same principal. The front plate is the front of the engine, the back of the timing cover, and the engine part of the front motor mounts. The rear plate is in front of the flywheel, and provides the mounts for the starter and transmission. The rear plate... MORE

Dear list members, I recently bought a 1960 bugeye (948 ccm/overhauled ribbed gear- box/new clutch and graphite ring) in Germany. After having driven 400 mls in total, the 1st and reverse gear were difficult or hardly impossible to put in anymore. The problem became first obvious only after motor and gear box had working temperature. After removing air from the clutch circuit and changing the leaky cylinder which is mounted to the gear box at the end of the circuit (don't know the English term) we observed the following strange behavior: When pressing the clutch pedal a bit more... MORE

Just trying to get some info/input from fellow members regarding which way I should go with my wiring harness..... I would like to order a new wiring harness from the suplier for my 1960 bug eye sprite, but i am having a difficulty deciding which/type of harness should I order...... I am trying to plan ahead for the future, therefore things like alternator, good stereo system, electric fuel pump, change (+) to (- ), upgrades headlight system would come into the picture. Right now, as some of you might now, I re-wired it myself (terible job...but it works) because... MORE

Sweet looking car, Marcus!!! Lot's of hard work, but at the end, well worth it...... Ps. Every time I look at ppls great car projects, it gives me lot of encouragement (to get my butt in gear) to fix mine up........ I was finally able to check out your site Marcus....nice job! Regards, Phil Aurora, Ontario, Canada "bugeyelook" 3604... MORE