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November 16, 2002

Referring to recent past posts wherein
octanes were mentioned with respect to
Judson blowers and/or low pressure supercharging in general.
The following is reprinted by permission of
Jacques LeClainche of the spridget autox
team list or owns and drives a racing BE.
See: http://members.cox.net/jleclainche/
It is edited just a bit to shorten it up a tad.
"Cap'n Bob:
The best friend of my Bugeye's last owner
helped build the now 982cc race engine.
While he could not recall the exact CR, he
told me it was definitely over 12.0-1 and
possibly as much as 13.0-1 and that they
always ran Turbo Blue 115 in this car.
MON=104.5, MON=109.7, RON=115
I have a couple of runs with the Turbo Blue 115, but have currently been
using VP C12.
MON=108, PON=109, RON=110
I have a VP distributor about a mile
from my house and last purchased
C12 a little over a year ago. At that time
is was over $5 per gallon.
BTW, the engine seemed to run better
with the Turbo Blue than C12, especially
at high revs.
This race engine is supposed to be safe
to 8.5K but I am chicken and have never
had it beyond 8K, having set the "adjust"
red line on the tach. to 7.5K. Does not seem you gain much by going over
figure anyway.
Most power seems to be in the 6-7.5K range; there is absolutely nothing
Total ign. advance is set at 30 degrees
though there is a note from the PO stating
it would be OK at 32. But I am staying with 30.
I'd be talking to the PO on this instead of
his best friend, but the PO passed away and I actually bought the
from his widow, who is unaware of how
much her dear departed had spent on this
car. His best friend states this fellow spent well over $7K on engine
parts alone
from MiniMania and made me promise
never to tell her!"
That's it. Thought it might be of interest
considering it mentions CR, timing, and
suitable octanes for the application. Food
for thought, maybe! :)
Cap'n. Bob (Ret'd)
'60 Frog

PilotRob@... 16469

Posted on November 16, 2002 01:40 PM
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