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February 20, 2003

From: PilotRob@...
Subject: Re: Re: manifolds Said
I haven't met anyone who has done the 1.75 conversion that can tell me:
"My stock 1275 used to do 0-60 (or the quarter mile) in blah, blah seconds
(and blah, blah mph).
Cap'n Bob et al
It's quite easy to get hold of the performance curves for an 1275 MG Metro ,
I think. Then compare.
I'm sure that, when the MG Metro came out, it was the fastest A series MG
produced. (then succeeded by the Turbo version)
A couple of years ago several MGs went to Silverstone in convoy.
Several MGBs, GTs and at least one MGA.
Midget wise, One was a race spec 1275 with jetted twin carbs, fibreglass
hood with louvres to allow hot air out, wider wheels , up rated shocks etc,
driver only.
The other was a sprite, 1275 with an eight port Haldon cross flow head and
twin choke Webers, not sure about rest of mods, driver only.
The third car was a bog standard MG Metro, husband and wife inside.
We did start out in convoy but rather soon the midget, sprite and Metro were
out at the front, by them selves.
Sometimes during the journey we were a little naughty, safety fast though,
The sprite did leave the midget and Metro a bit, the midget was a tad
quicker the Metro in a straight line , the bog standard metro was generally
quicker in the twisty bits.
On the straights we regularly saw more than 100mph on the clock.
Apart from the severe left ear ache this drive produced (my wife was sitting
on my left) the three drivers enjoyed the drive. When parked up in a lay-by
to wait for the others the three drivers all had ear to ear grins. My wife
was in a huff, and the cars had that nice hot oil smell and were tick
ticking as the engines cooled down.
The Metro won its class in the gymkhana , against all the other A series
engined MGs. (Two other standard metros also entered , but that day I was on
Front wheel drive probably made a difference, aero dynamics don't really
count under 60 mph, engine wise the cylinder blocks were virtually
identical. The heavier weight of the midget and sprite was probably
counteracted by the Metro being two people up.
No actual figures Bob, but the performance speaks for itself.
If any one has done the swap and got before and after figures I would be

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Posted on February 20, 2003 06:17 PM
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