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March 03, 2003

Ok...the time has come!
I installed a normal sized (matches) boost
gauge in my wood panel for the Judson
Supercharge which for various good reasons is no longer an
application under serious consideration.
So, it's time to remove the boost gauge
and fill the hole in the panel with something useful, like and oil
gauge, fr'instance. I was going to install
one of those cool vacuum gauges like Frank Clarici has in his Mk1 but,
can't find one around. (Perhaps I should
cross the GW bridge one night and weasel....nah....he's got that attack
Nisonger has the original
mechanical gauge in stock, compete with
mercury line (like the water temp.) and
There are electric ones out there as well
I'm sure, though they may not be Smiths.
But as long as the the gauge is the "right"
size and is white on black I can work with
it. I don't really like the idea of pulling the
sump and installing a fitting for the mechanical guauge bulb, but I'll
do it if
this is the only way. I got braided lines
to the cooler and an off-engine spin-on set-up.
So I am anxious to here from anyone who's BTDT with respect to the
Such as, what's involved in each case,
how long it takes to to do the required
work, what's out there, who's using what,
etc., etc.
Thanking all (if any?) in advance! :)
Cap'n. Bob (Ret'd)
'60 Frog

PilotRob@... 19750

Posted on March 3, 2003 05:56 PM
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