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April 01, 2003

Sure, AE-J...
I like the kidding around between the
sexes including the traditional jokes
as well as anyone else.
Have you seen the "before" and
"after marriage" pictures of the
lions? I am still the "before" guy in
spirit and so it has always been and
so shall it continue to be 'til they bury
the BE with me strapped into the
drivers seat!
(I have already specified it will be a
top up burial 'cause there won't be any
wind in my hair down there....no hair
either, for that matter, most likely!:)
"They" are friends and I like girls a lot.
Those I flew with for the last 10-15 years
were just terrific...all of them...they knew their stuff, each and every
one of them,
with the exception of one....and I liked
her too, but jets were too slick for her
at that time and unfortunately, she wasn't
ready for command, either.
I was her training partner when we transitioned to BAC146 4 engine jets
I broke my back trying to help her get
through. And no, she wasn't single and available. She had a "muscle
problem and they would not give her
enough time to "adjust".
Then she ended
up trying to upgrade in the slower turbo-
prop and couldn't hack "command" so
that was that. There are no permanent
co-pilots at American.
But you will notice we got a lot of girls
flying F-14's/15's/16's &18's out there
today. I don't doubt they're over there
right now, doing their part in our war
against global terrorism. Off aircraft
carriers, yet! They're going into space
today! Remember Sally Ride?
But personal is personal....letting
them "in", does not mean we give them
the key to the city!!! And I respect them
in this respect as well...believe me, I
really do! :)
You came in voluntarily, you're here
voluntarily and you go (not always)
voluntarily. Though I realize you must
go either way, it's unpleasant seeing you go and maybe I'll miss you and
I won't but above all, I value happiness
and freedom of choice...your's and mine!
The visit may be long (the intent) or it
may be short (the reality), but I get to
keep the key to my city. I want you, but
I don't need you. I can take good care
of my own "self" just fine.
All kidding aside I respect woman. They've taught me a lot...mainly
my own self!!
I may be thrice divorced, but I don't live
in a van down by the river and I am a
lot better educated for knowing them...all
of them! :)
Cap'n. Bob
'60 :{)

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Posted on April 1, 2003 09:40 AM
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