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May 29, 2003

Hi, Bob in San Diego....bit warm out there
today, aye?!
When I was experimenting with a Judson
blower on my PO'd '67 Sprite with stock
1275, I did experiment with adding an
additional 2 quart tank, professionally
fabricated and installed. This did slow
the tendency to overheat in terms of rate
of increase but eventually, it would get
there anyway....it just got there more
slowly once the boost truly came in.
IOW, you could run longer in boosted
operation before the temp. gauge began
to climb towards never, never land.
If there was someway to increase radiator
cooling area (this alone and in and of itself would have resulted in an
improvement even with the stock coolant
capacity), this additonal capacity might
have proved more effective to the extent
it would not have only affected "rate", but
no doubt "total" as well.
An oil cooler would definitely help in
97F and if you are going to experience
such OAT's on a regular basis, I'd opt
for the many rowed ralleye or competition
cooler and skip the stock factory 10 row
I'd also be looking to louvre the bonnet
and each front wing (behind the tires)
as well to improve circulation and get
rid of engine compartment heat as efficiently as possilble. I'd also be
the highest octane gas I could find
considering the induction air temps and
creating an opening on the
"other side" behind the grille and ducting
(4" diameter rubber tube as sold by
WayCJitney or Home Depot type stuff)
some relatively "cooler" air to the carb.
Cap'n. Bob
'60 :{)

PilotRob@... 22135

Posted on May 29, 2003 10:02 PM
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