Engine (internal)

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I had my MC sleeved with brass but there seems to be a problem the pistons don't move freely. I know that the bores need to be opened up a little. How do you know when enough material has been removed? I planned on using 600 grit wrapped around a dowel with tape to make up the difference. Also there are two small holes into each bore from the top are both supposed to be open? Thanks for your help, the 65 Sprite is getting very close to being reborn. Martyn "snook32907" 22677... MORE

Jeremy, et al. Any good machine shop should be able to make you a set of bushings for your pedal pivot points. I have made numerous bushings for other applications out of a porduct called (in the business) Oil-lite (sp) is a medium hardness red brass alloy impregnated with oil. We have used it here at the plant for years for babbit type bearings on applications much more demanding than our brake pedals. Just my tuppence worth. David A. Stevens Jr. Utilities Engineer II NYS Office Of General Services Sheridan Avenue Steam Plant 79 Sheridan Avenue Albany, NY 12210... MORE

A question for the New World listers. The bushes for dual master cylinder pedals 2A5564 has been out of stock (in fact absent from price lists) in the UK for over a decade. Do any of the US (or maybe Antipodean) suppliers claim to stock it. There is so much play in my pedals I think the bushes may well have disintegrated by now. J. "Jeremy Cogman" 22667... MORE

Ken Charles! You can run heated or unheated. As David Jacobs states, the MG Metro runs heated. And as David says, you can run either way and see which way is best but, before you do..... you need to understand the effects of water manifold heating and why it exists. It is basically there for economy of operation in light load around town sort of stuff. As David says, heating the mixture allows for better vaporization of the fuel. True. This allows for a "leaner" mixture for more economical operation (better gas mileage) in part throttle, light load... MORE

On my 1275 I hooked the steel mesh pad out with a piece of bent wire. Washed it and the cannister out in petrol, rinsing repeatedly, and stuffed it back in again. These cars were made to be simple. They come from an era, long gone unfortunately, before the "throw away society" was thought of. Guy "Guy Weller" 22659... MORE

It's full of a coarse steel wool - kind of like a Brillo pad (steel pan scouring pad) but without the soap 8^) Difficult to clean thoroughly and effectively I would have thought - I read somewhere that the best "cleaning" is to cut the canister in half, clear out the contents (inc. mesh) and weld back up, leaving the can empty! Me , I'm replacing the whole timing cover complete with new canister on my 1275 rebuild. Steve "Steve Clark" 22656... MORE

I've just fitted two new leaf springs to my Frog, it now looks like a Landrover! there's a 5" gap between the top of the tyre and the wheel arch and although everthings connected correctly the poor car is listing to the right. If anyone out there has fitted these bloody "uprated" springs and has managed to return their Frog to a nomal height., please email me or ring 07931 646794 John "johnhendrusson" 22649... MORE

Curious what is inside the crankcase oil separator. Does it ever need cleaning? Inquiring minds want to know. Don "Don May" 22653... MORE

"Sensibly nippy at reasonable cost" problem Ken Charles...for we here to serve!! :) May I suggest you take a look at the spec. of Rivergate's rebuilt performance 1275 for the street? Click on the "blue" and on page 2 scroll down the left margin 'til you see the pictured engine whereupon....there you go! :) You can rebuild your's to the same spec....tried and proven by "those who know"!! Cap'n. Bob '60 :{) PilotRob@... 22640... MORE

measure inside dimensions of a window frame. They each need to be somewhere about 3/4 of the track width between the inner faces of the front wheels - give or take a few inches. Measure by holding the sticks side by side and slide them lengthways so that one end of each stick contacts the face edge of each wheel rim. Mark the overlap position on the sticks accurately with a sharp pencil. Do this at the rear radius of the wheels first, with the sticks held close up to the chassis rails or engine sump. Repeat at the... MORE

Hia Ken, I agree with what Capn Bob had to say, just a couple of points that have not been raised. 1. You mention high ratio rockers (1.5 to 1) are you talking about roller rockers or standard type rockers with the higher ratio??? see below as to why i ask. As C Bob said not that much of a performance gain, but one of the main reasons to fit roller rockers is to cut down the side loadings on the valve when using high lift camshafts. The other point is what you consider to be a road cam... MORE

G'day Dermot There were two different 1098cc engines. The first ones (engine prefix 10CG in a Sprite/Midget) had the same 1.75" main bearing journals, and the same bolt pattern on the flywheel/crankshaft, as the 948cc engine. These engines were fitted to Mk II Sprites, Mk I MG Midgets, Morris Minor 1000 and Austin A40 Farina. The engines were all essentially the same except the Sprite had a different cam grind, and double valve springs. And of course twin SU carbies. It soon became apparent that the crankshafts weren't strong enough for the increase in capacity, so the next generation... MORE

The IF of HIF stands for 'integral float'. It's not a seperate assembly but sits below the throttle assembly, around the jet. There is no way to adjust the float for angle so I guess it's designed to be fairly tolerant of mounting angle. Come to think of it (off the top of my head and it's a while since I've been inside mine) the end of the jet sits in the pool of fuel in the float chamber the top of which is nowehere near the top of the jet as it is in HS carbs. I wonder... MORE

It could or you could fit a spacer, machined to a wedge shape. However the studs would then no longer enter the carb perpendicular to it's face. The kludgy solution to this is to enlarge the mounting holes in the carb. The correct solution is to redrill and tap (probably filling beforehand) the stud mounting holes in the manifold. After all this effort I'd have thought it would be simpler / cheaper to get a suitable manifold. Could the manifold face be machined at an angle to, in effect, rotate the carb, or does this not help move the... MORE

Not sure, but there might be a different small bore head on the Morris engine. The original Midget head has casting number 12G295 (1-7/32 Inlet, 1" Exhaust). Don't forget the 10CC type is stronger (2" mains) than the 10CG when looking or another engine. Cheers, Eeg. Eeg.Oberije@... 22587... MORE

APT carries a Titan manifold over here in the States...but it comes from "over there" I understand. Maybe Daniel will see this and comment as I believe he is running a 1.75 HIF on his engine? Cap'n. Bob '60 :{) PilotRob@... 22592... MORE

Does anyone have any ideas for flushing clogged brake lines on a 1972 MGB? I have thought about brake parts cleaner or compressed air or maybe even a combination of both. At this point I am unable to get fluid from reservoir to wheels by applying pedal pressure with known good master cylinder. Setup is dual tandem, non servo type. Thanks, Warren "nipper6579" 22577... MORE

I was wondering the correct engine starting procedure for a 1972 MGB 1800CC 4spd w/electric fuel pump and twin SU carbs. I can usually get it to start with manual choke on third try after pump stops clicking without touching the acceelerator pedal. I was wondering what the original owners manual said, if anything. The car was recently given to me and it has become my duty to bring it back to order. I have rebuilt and adjusted the carbs as well as performed normal tune-up procedures. Your help is appreciated! "nipper6579" 22575... MORE

has anyone heard anything about who is best to build a performance engine i n the uk for about a =A31000? ive looked at med engineering, any experiences would be appreciated thanks Rob "R.Eades" 22566... MORE

Hi all What is the difference between a 1098 Midget engine and a 1098 out of say a morris minor. I know the midget runs on twin carbs but will a minor engine fit into a midget and the carbs swap over. Or has anyone got a 1098 Midget engine going cheap in the North West/Manchester. Cheers Dermot. "Dermot" 22567... MORE

Hi guys is this the same group i left, some 2 yrs ago. well im back at my sprite now. anyway just started stripping it to replaace the 2nd cill, and also fitting a 5 speed gear box while at it. So while the engine is out im looking to boost power. ie free flow exhaiust , hi lift cam. & poss hi lift rockers . i intend reusing the twin HS4 carbs but fit k & n Filters. Can anyone tell me of a proven choice of parts. ie f0r fast rd use. If I fit cam is... MORE

Does anyone have any idea where I might find a roll bar for a '63 Sprite? I'm not going racing or anything like that, I'm just trying to recreate the look of a car that I had in college. I'd like to be able to put the top up if I have to.(though I haven't yet) Everything I've seen is for later models. Also, Colin, if you're out there, did I mention that the master cylinder had already been re- sleeved and the rebuild kit worked fine? Thanks for the info. Thanks, Jack Texas "austinbud2002" 22541... MORE

doesn't the Landcrab uses five stud wheels?if so, they won't fit cos the MGB has four stud wheels. Regards David "David Jacobs" 22530... MORE

Well, I think I win the "I knew I probably shouldn't have done that" prize for the day. Last week I power washed the engine on my '78 1500. I proceeded to drive it for about 20 minutes, after I cleaned the engine. Everything was fine. Today I go to start it up - turn the key - nothing. No clicking, nothing. I find that the lights work, and the brights, but I cannot flash the brights. I can also hear the whine of the fuel pump. I look under the hood and check every connection - everything looks... MORE

G'day all With the continuing discussion on wheel bearings, I thought I might copy you in on this post to the Oz discussion group. avagoodday Colin "Colin@SpriteParts" 22518... MORE