Exhaust System

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Hello fellow Members, My Frogeye Sprite is looking for a good home: It is a Geoffrey Healey-approved Isle of Wight-built replica with a twin-carb 65bhp 1,275cc A-Series motor. GRP shell on a galvanised steel chassis assures a long life. Colour is bright red with biscuit tan interior, new battery, windscreen, Pirelli tyres on Minilite replicas and a stainless steel Maniflow exhaust. I have owned this car for six years, but too much work means I have no time to drive it, and cars do need to be used. Keith Brading who started the Frogeye Car Company and John Mead... MORE

Paul The manual settings for ignition timing only work on unmodified engines. You have to set the total advance on an modified engine. Adjustable timing lights are available at most Halfords stores - get one (today!). Set the timing at 26 degrees total advance (If you are running vaccuum advance disconnect it and plug the hole in the manifold/carb). 11.1 CR will work using super unleaded fuel or LRP - you just have to retard the ignition (and the ignition 'curve' hence the advice you have received to get an Aldon dizzy). I am aware of the 'multiple head... MORE

Hi, My Frogeye Sprite is looking for a good home: It is a Geoffrey Healey-approved Isle of Wight-built replica with a twin-carb 65bhp 1,275cc A-Series motor. GRP shell on a galvanised steel chassis assures a long life. Colour is bright red with biscuit tan interior, new battery, windscreen, Pirelli tyres on Minilite replicas and a stainless steel Maniflow exhaust. I have owned this car for six years, but too much work means I have no time to drive it, and cars need to be used. If you are interested, please drop me an e-mail. Cheers, IAN KUAH IK 2618... MORE

Hello fellow members, My name is Ian Kuah. I am a motoring writer and contributor to magazines like Autocar and Auto Express. I am a also big fan of the Frogeye Sprite, and over the years, I have tested several incarnations of the Geoffrey Healey-approved Frogeye Car Company Sprite replica built by Keith Brading on the Isle of Wight. Here are my impressions. Anyone who wants to know more or is looking for one can contact me by e-mail at: acj12@... FROGEYE SUPERSPRITE There comes a time when even the small specialist car makers who are granted limited production... MORE

Thanks mike for your input. My cable has gone at the speedo head end were it is nearly a direct line in, so no stress should be there. the other end from the box is straight thro' the tunnel so again is straight. Many thanks to dave of Cambridge for organising todays run much enjoyed me and grandma.( Wife was unable to attend). Off to france germany and holland next week in the midget, so we are deciding what we can fit into one suitcase, shoes not included. will give you an update on return or via the net... MORE

No real problems just my lack of mechanical ability. The bug bear has been getting the speedo sortedgot a recalibrated speedo and cable from tim fenna and it has worked well. Did the cambridge run today with 5 other spridgets and knocked the exhaust clamp off in the first 10 miles (fitted upside down) sorted it out and all went well. got to within 2 miles of the house and the speedo cable has broken off at the speedo head, so will be seeking a new one. Other than silly little problems in the fittting it has i think... MORE

Mike Good thoughts. I think I should have the ground clearance even though the headers come down pretty far. The 77 rubber bumper is about 2=94 higher th an the chrome bumper model I think. I believe the 340 springs drop the car 1 =94 is that correct. Doug 77 Midget Casco, MI "Doug Pletcher" 2536... MORE

Doug I got 1/2" shorter springs! Don't like spacers, ditched mine. Remember on a road car don't lower it to much as you'll loose the exhaust everywhere. 1/2" is equal to where it rides now on tired springs! I was lower but went back to the 1/2" solution Mike M. North London mike643mnp@... 2535... MORE

All; I previously posted the following on the Bugeye list and got some great suggestions - particularly to add the fuel pump high on my list. Ithought I would ask you all to see if you have any other suggestions: I put my 1959 Bugeye in the garage in December 1988 in order to manage a new wife, a new house and shortly thereafter a new child. Although a bit of mechanical stuff was done subsequent to that date, it has pretty much sat in the garage. The carbs are HS 1 1/4" that were "rebuilt" professionally two years... MORE

Jeff I have a spare inlet manifold, but for twin 1.25 su. Not being to up on what you have, perhaps you could let me know if it helps you. If suitable, you can use it however a good chum of mine who is helping me restore my car may be able to effect a repair as he can weld to aircraft spec !! I would want my old manifold back so you are welcome to borrow it long term, if this helps get in touch, if not, good luck otherwise peter peter bentley 2411... MORE

Jeff, What size engine are you putting the carbs on? I might have a spare manifold for 2 HS2s. Where are you located? I'm in Florida. Martyn meastwood1@... "Martyn Eastwood" 2379... MORE

Jeff I have an intake manifold with 1 =BC SU carbs and all the linkage. They hav e been polished and ported. I used them back in the late 60=92s when I race d a MK1. Took them off when we were allowed to go to larger cards. If you can =92 t get the manifold welded let me know and I think we can work something out . Doug Midget 77. "Doug Pletcher" 2376... MORE

Well, I wanted to add some more bad news- the manifold won't work at all since it puts the two carbs closer together, thus rendering it completely useless on my Midget. Anyone have a spare intake laying around, or know if the hairline crack in this one can be welded? Thanks for the input Jeff-GAN 1 Midget captaincog@... 2367... MORE

I am putting back together an GAN 1 948cc Midget. I am having to replace the old intake manifold due to a large crack in it. The number on the old one was AEA 634. I found a NOS intake manifold, part number 12g299 with 242 stamped above. The new intake puts the carb's closer to the head. My question is: Will this hurt performance at all. I have a stock exhuast manifold to replace the homemade headers, so clearance is not a problem. I am trying to stay as close to orignal as the budget will allow, i.e.... MORE

g'day from down under, 1st -thank you to all who helped with the "sticky brake syndrome".All the parts on the entire brake system had been replaced Except the rubber hose from the back of the shell to the back axle..............guess what was stuffed?!! A bottle of cockmans white rum to Biff the Pom's get a pipe to contract under internal pressure we shall leave to them and their god!! 2nd yes Blighty is a great place to visit hire a "classic sports" from one of the many suppliers of same and pray for decent weather!! But, really, driving... MORE

Thanks James and all other repliers, This change of engine is getting a bit I 'll just put in a standard bearing and replace it next year!! By the way now I have taken the engine out of the car and pushed it out of the garage, there is a sort of knocking noise coming from the gearbox, which is still in the car, is this OK?, or have I done something silly by moving the car? Or is it just that the release bearing arm has moved forward under pressure from the Hydraulic fluid? This is a... MORE

I'd just like to say, LETS HEAR IT FOR US YANKS!!!! We seem to own the most of these go carts around. Or are we the only ones proud enough to say that we do? This last weekend (23-24 June) I attended the 13 annual Chico California All British Car Meet, behind the Lions club. It seemed like a pretty good showing. I only wish my Midget could have came with me. As of right now I am having carb problems. The problem is the car is a 76 and has to have all the California smog equipment and... MORE

Sometime in last several weeks, someone on List mentioned that they had (or were) modified an MGB intake manifold for use on a Spridget. I would like to get more information , since I have an old MGB manifold & HIF4 carbs, and would consider this mod before spending lots of money for a new performance intake. Since MGB intake is about 2" longer than standard Spridget manifold, I assume some cutting & welding is involved. But where cut should be is a question I have, along with several others. Would the Lister contact me off-list? Or perhaps others... MORE

I've run an A+ engined Midget with the 1500 Midget gearbox for 6 years. Uses an HIF 44 (HIF6) on an alloy MG Metro manifold. The MG Metro head has larger inlet valves (Cooper S size) and is compatible if you drill and tap a bypass hose stub for the water pump end. Photos available along with any other info. Picking up my new MGCGT today. Triple 45 DHLAs!!!! Had 3x48 webers on it but he bust one getting the spindle out to change the acc pump. Cost him just under 800 quid for the bits to do this.... MORE

A+ rockers are not the way to go on a tuned engine. They are heavy and contrary to appearances are not particularly strong due to the metallurgical construction... They also have no proper bearing surface. Use the standard 1275 pressed rockers (which you can weld along the top of the 'beam' to strengthen) or alternatively Cooper 'S' forged rockers. On a 'high lift cam' engine roller tip rockers will cut down on valve guide wear (but are expensive). I understand that the Oselli Torquemaster is the manifold to use on a 1 3/4 SU(HS6/HIF6) although I believe that the... MORE

Hi rob, in reply the carb isn't yet on a manifold, so any pointers ? The head cane from a 1990 Metro 1300, the valve gear looks a whole lot beefier so no doubt I'll use that to as I understand its compatible. Regards peter peter bentley 2026... MORE

Peter, What inlet manifold are you going to use? Or did you manage to find a complete carb and manifold from another A series powered car? regards Rob "Storer, Rob" 2025... MORE

Hi Jim I don't know the American equivalent, but a Mole Wrench is a kind of lockable Pipe Wrench or large lockable pliers, the sort of thing that dodgy Mechanics use in place of a spanner. The sort of thing you might use to clamp two pieces of metal together before you weld them. Hope this helps. Regards Dave (66 Sprite in the UK) "David Dixon" 1993... MORE

Hi chaps, I have recently noticed that the SU feeding cylinders 3&4 on my Arkley is not drawing air, as it uesd to. I had noticed a very thin tinny rattle coming from that carb and so bought a refurb kit plus H6 "rich" needles, and have completely overhauled both carbs. A visual inspection of each, after the re-build indicates that both carbs are in perfect condition..............yet when I re-install them on the engine, the rear carb will not draw air on idle, BUT the engine does seem to run OK. However there is a sound like the exhaust... MORE

How do you spell "VAPOR LOCK" usually caused by a fuel line running close to "HOT" exhaust manifold orthe like, causing the fuel in the line to evaporate into a gasseous state. This bubble of gas prevents the fuel from reaching the carburation device, hence the stall out. When the engine cools down the gasseous gas condenses back into liquid and presto chango......the vehicle starts like there's nothing wrong, until the process starts all over again. "Stevens, David" 1953... MORE