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Hi guys is this the same group i left, some 2 yrs ago. well im back at my sprite now. anyway just started stripping it to replaace the 2nd cill, and also fitting a 5 speed gear box while at it. So while the engine is out im looking to boost power. ie free flow exhaiust , hi lift cam. & poss hi lift rockers . i intend reusing the twin HS4 carbs but fit k & n Filters. Can anyone tell me of a proven choice of parts. ie f0r fast rd use. If I fit cam is... MORE

Hi, Bob in San Diego....bit warm out there today, aye?! When I was experimenting with a Judson blower on my PO'd '67 Sprite with stock 1275, I did experiment with adding an additional 2 quart tank, professionally fabricated and installed. This did slow the tendency to overheat in terms of rate of increase but eventually, it would get there just got there more slowly once the boost truly came in. IOW, you could run longer in boosted operation before the temp. gauge began to climb towards never, never land. If there was someway to increase radiator cooling area... MORE

has anyone here attempted to turbo their midget? possible route for tuning cheers Rob "Andrew" 21749... MORE

"Has anyone here ever attempted to turbo..." "Will Mr. Glen Byrnes please report to the midgetsprite@... . Mr. Glen Byrnes, please pick-up the red courtesy phone, please!" Meanwhile, until he gets home, you can view Glen's Turbo'ed Frog at: under special cars or friends cars! ) Cap'n. Bob '60 :{) PilotRob@... 21750... MORE

G'day all With the recent discussions about Metro Turbo heads, Cooper S heads etc, I thought I might lend just a little advice - or if you like, a warning. Firstly, all 1275cc heads will fit all 1275cc engines. Most of these heads have casting number 12G940, and it was only the machining at the factory that made them different. Even 1275cc heads with different casting numbers will fit. So perhaps a little machining might be required, such as already mentioned about the water outlet and by-pass for the thermostat. And if you are fitting a 9 stud head... MORE

standard Metro Turbos used 9 studs. David "David Jacobs" 21716... MORE

Thanx, David... Wasn't sure. Figured like the higher compression Cooper "S" 1275 engines, the 11 stud head config. might be used on the later standard Turbo Metro. Guess any weakness was really in the block and not the head, in view of the fact the later "A+" blocks were ribbed and even stronger than the later thick- walled "A"'s, yet evidently used only a 9 stud rather than 11 stud cylinder head configuration even on a turbo motor....interesting. Cap'n. Bob '60 :{) PilotRob@... 21718... MORE

ive been offered a performance mg metro turbo head and would like to know wether this will fit and run ok on a midget mk3, 1275, 1973 car. thanks Rob "Andrew" 21709... MORE

Jeremy... Is the Metro Turbo head 11 or 9 stud? Cap'n. Bob '60 :{) PilotRob@... 21712... MORE

Hia Jay, There are a couple of rotary powered sprite here in australia. They are using a 13B turbo and putting out about 200 KW at the rear wheels, very fast..... "Beckers" 21477... MORE

"I still wonder what happened to that head" I once had a 45DCOE I shipped to a fellow out on the west coast to be used with a 1380 being built for him in future. The damn thing ended up in help me God! Took about forever to get it back after it was finally traced. Oddly enough, there was a silver lining in this cloud...for me...not the guy who expected the carb.! I had intended to use a Judson blower on my new engine and in fact, the build was "tailored" for the expected load and dynamic... MORE

Jens: You have the Haynes SU book on the way.......good man!! :) It's "ok" to "go on about" something you do not undersand, Jens. I was a flight instructor for over 1500 hours and am familiar with the "learning process". :) However, I am certainly not an engineer and not familiar with mechanical pumps in an automotive sense. However, it still would not surprise me if there was a partial vacuum within the line as fuel flowed backward downward toward the pump, assuming the "bleed back" valve in the pump was defective. This is what I meant by "siphoning... MORE

Sure, AE-J... I like the kidding around between the sexes including the traditional jokes as well as anyone else. Have you seen the "before" and "after marriage" pictures of the lions? I am still the "before" guy in spirit and so it has always been and so shall it continue to be 'til they bury the BE with me strapped into the drivers seat! (I have already specified it will be a top up burial 'cause there won't be any wind in my hair down hair either, for that matter, most likely!:) "They" are friends and I like... MORE

Thankyou, Alan E-J!! You see.....there you have it men!! Right from the head honcho! The Lord, for God's sake!! Even the Lord will not waste time trying to figure out woman. Time is much better spent in a more contstructive undertaking for no matter how tough the undertaking, it will at least eventually get worthwhile results. Are we mere humans to argue with the Lord? Not I! Does a Lion "figure out" a Lioness? NO! He follows her around a bit and should she be receptive, he jumps on her and gently bites or nuzzles her as he does... MORE

Ok...the time has come! I installed a normal sized (matches) boost gauge in my wood panel for the Judson Supercharge which for various good reasons is no longer an application under serious consideration. So, it's time to remove the boost gauge and fill the hole in the panel with something useful, like and oil temperature gauge, fr'instance. I was going to install one of those cool vacuum gauges like Frank Clarici has in his Mk1 but, alas, can't find one around. (Perhaps I should cross the GW bridge one night and weasel....nah....he's got that attack cat!) Nisonger has the... MORE

Nigel... Let me tell you something, I wish to hell it was possible to run a Judson on today's unleaded premiums. I worked my tail off for 2 years to get this to work as did a buddy of mine who lives in Holland. Have been a member of the Judson List for more than a few years now. Based upon the promise of Delrin vanes from the USA Judson rebuilder, I even had my new Rivergate engine "tailored" for this blower. That's how much I was into this application. I figured with self- lubricating vanes, 2 stroke synthetic... MORE

Hi, Nigel... This Judson is the American counterpart to the British Shorrocks back in the days when 100+RON leaded gasolines were readily available at the corner pump at reasonable prices. Neither of these "low pressure" supercharger applications were designed for anything but "temporary" boost operation. They are "torque" rather than "HP" applications...."stoplight drags" rather than "track", "temporary" operation rather than "constant" operation. Both were designed as bolt on intallations involving no more than a change to colder spark plugs, the idea being to temporarily superimpose a 6 psi boost curve upon the stock ignition advance curve for a temporary... MORE

From: PilotRob@... Subject: Re: Re: manifolds Said I haven't met anyone who has done the 1.75 conversion that can tell me: "My stock 1275 used to do 0-60 (or the quarter mile) in blah, blah seconds (and blah, blah mph). Well: Cap'n Bob et al It's quite easy to get hold of the performance curves for an 1275 MG Metro , I think. Then compare. I'm sure that, when the MG Metro came out, it was the fastest A series MG produced. (then succeeded by the Turbo version) A couple of years ago several MGs went to Silverstone in... MORE

I hope it lasts as long as you need it to. My 2nd post on the subject was supposed to be off list so as not to upset those who feel the stock T/O bearing is a decently designed product. Not looking for an argument from those who feel differently in this respect than I do. I normally get over 100K (easily) on stock motors or the mildly street tuned motors I run and know the vagaries of this T/O brg. design. It was only at about 120K that I've ever had to replace a 1st gear in an... MORE

Right good friends! Went for the "blast" to check out this new electronic set up. What a difference!! It is very noticably smoother at all revs, but very noticable at low down when just pottering along. It just ticks over with no engine snatch or hesitancy at all. One can even pull away from standstill without touching the accelarator, just gently ease up the clutch and off she goes! And, at the top end those orange and red segments come up on the tach without any discernable misfire at all, and all oh so smooooth! As you can tell... MORE

There is nothing quite so sweet as that low resonance sound of a spridget when running well. I had neglected the MK1 for several weeks because of bad weather but yesterday started it up to take it out for a run around the block. Did not expect much in the way of engine performance. It has been constant cleaning, adjusting and tinkering to get it to run well after its previous owner had let it sit in a garage for 16 years without starting it. The moment it kicked over yesterday there was no doubt everything had fallen into... MORE

reference The latest Club news is now online: The Warwickshire section news. Photo of Chris and Alan, organisers of the resto show club stand at Stoneleigh. The one on the right is Chris. It is Chris's very fine Iris (?) blue frogeye with the Shorrock supercharger whose photos I placed on the midgetsprite website a few weeks ago. Regards Alan Still working on the 72 midget , but it is getting very cold (and damp) in garage now !!!!! "Jones, Alan" 16870... MORE

Guys.. Referring to recent past posts wherein octanes were mentioned with respect to Judson blowers and/or low pressure supercharging in general. The following is reprinted by permission of Jacques LeClainche of the spridget autox team list or owns and drives a racing BE. See: It is edited just a bit to shorten it up a tad. "Cap'n Bob: The best friend of my Bugeye's last owner helped build the now 982cc race engine. While he could not recall the exact CR, he told me it was definitely over 12.0-1 and possibly as much as 13.0-1 and that they... MORE

Guys- I forget which site we were having a discussion last week on Judson blowers, so I am forwarding this message on octanes used in a high compression 948cc motor installed in a racing Bugeye owned by Jacques LeClainche who belongs to the Spridget Autox.Team List. This motor is most likely runnng between 13.0-14.0 to 1 as are a lot of racing Series "A"'s running "O-ringed" today. What makes the post interesting is that 30-32 degrees of total ignition advance (which is the normal total for a stock 8.8-1 1275 using normally available premium pump octanes) is still being... MORE

George Stronghilos writes: "After all this I may have to sell my Judson"! Well, George....maybe! But, I can only go by the experience of others along with my own and advise I was heavily into the Judson application and it's success. Without at least a water/ meth. delivery system, my experience (along with those of others) tells me it's an uphill battle on today's pump octanes. Racing fuel is a different matter. I even had an engine built for the Judson. I just installed my new Rivergate 1293 and it runs just beautifully. Very smooth and very strong even... MORE