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Hey, Guys!! Bree was kidding in her response to my supercharger posts!! Really!! But...if I were to do this again, I would spring extra bucks for the Shorrocks rather than the less expensive Judson, most especially on the larger bore engines in view of the fact we know the Shorrocks has a "yellow" zone beginning at approx. 7,200 and a "redline" of 7,500. All you'd probably need then for a 6psi boost curve on the larger capacity engine would be a smaller blower pulley. I'd not be surprised if Jon Peck of BCSC hasn't had a few of these... MORE

this is typical of this sort of wasted circle jerk,.. when someone finnally comes up with really some useful imformation (i.e "captain bobs" supercharger imfo) ..some moron makes a stupid crack..heaven forbid there should be some thing of use..... "WHOA BOB!!,,,,you have WAYYYYYYY too much time on your hands lately..Have you ever thought about "WRITING" BOOKS for a "hobby"???? lol Yep, it all looks as clear as "MUD" to me too, but then again, in East Texas we "knows" about MUDDDD!!! :)))" get a life idiot. i'm cancelling this waste of time, i can find better imfo on the... MORE

wow I hope this was a prepared statement Bob, or is this a result of your enhanced leisure time ????? As usual a very informative and complete answer. (Possible candidate for a tech tip in Gerards garage website) I'll settle down with it tonight with a glass of brandy and peruse. I've been offered an S/C which was first used on a racing A30 (35?) then a moggy minor. The other alternative is to fit a standard A series 1275 head and use a turbo charger from a MG Metro. Definitely next years project. Regards Alan "Jones, Alan" 16221... MORE

LOL, Alan... Not a matter of leisure time at all. When I get interested in something, I really get interested and as a pilot, I know how to "focus", man!! :):) Super/turbo charging IS a project, Alan and it will pay to do your homework in this respect and know the whys and wherefores of what you are getting into before you go there! It did take some time to write it out on the screen but the thoughts took no time at all! They just came pouring out as a product of "BTDT" in terms of supercharging and... MORE

Yes and no, Alan! Don't you love answers like that...clear as mud! Both Shorrocks and Judson are vane type blowers but, the Judson's vanes run an interference fit within the blower's bore as opposed to the Shorrocks who's vanes run just clear of the bore. While the Judson's bearings are self- contained and do not require oiling, it's vanes do considering their interference fit with the blower's bore. Thus, a "total loss" oil system is employed with it's own discrete oil supply to provide lubrication in this respect, which results in oil being ingested into the combustion process diluting... MORE

Cap'n Bob (retired) enclosed pic of shorrock supercharger , is this sim1lar to yours ? other pics of Frogeyes and early midget etc in Alans album in pictures section. Regards alan "Jones, Alan" 16208... MORE

Whoa, whoa!! These cars are so cool! George Folchi who "does" the Judson superchargers has one of these with a smaller engine. I think the 150hp is the engine in the "middle". They are so light, I think the next step up is the Caterham with "monster" HP or something like that. Neat machines for short trips!! Really "firm" ride as I understand it but then again, it's designed for the "purist". Cap'n. Bob '60 :{) PilotRob@... 15991... MORE other examples within the site. Now the 'keep them pure' among the listers may not care for this one. It does give ideas. For the spridgets the 1275 is still hard to beat. There are toys and tricks available to boost its power range to .. well, way up there. I think pilot bob has a judson on his ?? whats the boost factor on that one Bob? Point to remember.. sure the engine/power train can be changed. I have zero problem with the changes.. its what you get what you swap. Updated trains too often equal more... MORE

Actually- I used to have a black Baby Turbo mounted on the door by the vent window to my previously owned '74 RWA "Vizardized" Midget. Looked pretty good and went well with the flares, racing stripes, etc. I don't think it's "angular, retangular" look would go too well with the "rounded" lines of a Bugeye, though. Cap'n. Bob '60 :{) PilotRob@... 14117... MORE

Well gang, turns out my rough starting probalem on the Volvo was a blown head gasket. A small fracture between 2 and 3 was evident but boy are those pistons clean now! I pulled the head today after finding the oil contaminated with water yesterday. It was the color of very blond coffee. Just my luck, I just changed the oil and filter last week. I guess the good news is I don't think the head or the turbo housing is cracked like a couple people speculated. I'll be taking the head to the machine shop on Monday and... MORE

Daily drivers are Turbo Volvos. Gerard "gerardchateau" 13731... MORE

Capt'n I couldn't agree more about about the dirty thieves in suits. Bernie could afford to buy BREE! a Spridget or two for what he spends on lunch. I hope he and his ilk spend the rest of their lives panhandling on street corners. Back to the real (physical) world. On the electric pump thing: Drag racers use them because the energy to run them is stored in their battery. Works great, saves ponies for their short duration runs. Same story with the "leaf blower" electric superchargers. However there is a couple areas of efficiency that should also be... MORE

Geri- Thanx for filling me in on the rootes-type blower you are using, Geri. I am using 1.5 rollers with a Cooper S cam in my "new" Rivergate engine. What problems have you been hearing about with this arrangement? I experience none. A flowed head, say with 1.4+ intakes and 1.215 or so exhausts sounds like a plan, Geri. Should make quite a difference. MiniMania also has the aluminum variety with 1.4 intakes but stock size exhaust valves. I am happy with mine. The alum. head IS flowed in that it's ports and comb. chambers have been resdesigned so... MORE

Guys- Rec'd this off the Judson List this AM and am posting this FYI on behalf of fellow Judon lister, Rudy Streng, to whom all replies should be sent. ("No financial interest, etc.") For Sale Judson Supercharger Model SP Once fitted to my 59 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite. In beautiful and good working condition including front pulley, new vanes and top oiler. Only forced to sell due to other pressing commitments. Shipping or delivery to be worked out at your cost. I am offering it to the list prior to posting it on E-bay. Rudy Streng Lenoir, NC CAWS52803@... Cap'n.... MORE

You need to rebuild the small end of the rod. And if they are that bad rebuild the complete set of rods, both ends. Paul Van Wig Long Beach, CA 60 Bugeye 60 Morris Woody 61 Morris Pickup 01 Dodge Cummins Intercooled Turbo Diesel Ram 01 Acura MDX (Wife's ride) Parts cars 81 Datsun 210 (1500cc 5 speed) 65 Sprite 58 Morris 2 Dr "Paul Van Wig" 9423... MORE

Mike, Thanx for the reply, I didn't know you Yanks raced midgets, I thought you just polished and talked about them. :o) :o) I thought that I had replied to you, but can't find a copy in my sent item file. At the moment I've got two 1275 engines on the bench in my garage. Both reputedly to be good. But want to try them out before fitting one of them into the car. I've not seen or heard either of them running , an they've both been standing , out a the car for several years. The engine... MORE

Hiya, Mike - How ya' DOOin'?! I am just across the sound from you in Stamford, CT. and fly the friendly skies (no doubt over your head!) just down the road from you as I buzz in an out of my JFK base, about 4 days a week. You might try Eastwood "Warm Silver" spray for your wheels; they've got a website and catalog. (hit your "search" button, guy!) Another way to produce "that" color is by spraying "clear" over "chrome"; Krylon or Duplicolor. Discovered this by accident while painting the stub manifold I am using in converting over... MORE

Well, hopefully soon TL. People hear "supercharger" and they think "pedal to the metal" driving style but this is not the case, in my case (though I AM capable in this respect!!). But it won't be blowing doors off anything 'cause this Frog is for my own fun to begin with. Secondarily I have no problem "sharing" the road and am strictly a defensive driver. I am not competitive when it comes to public highways, at all. And just as important is the fact that while I "hold" a Federal License, it does not "belong" to me. It is... MORE

Babyblumg- I, too, bought a Sprite with a stock 1098 & transferred the Datsun 5 speed from my wrecked '67 into my Frog, along with the 3.7 diff as well. As the two lower gears of the Datsun box are lower than the English box, no acceleration performance penalty too any great extent. BTW, this 1098 has got to be one of the sweetest running Series A types I have ever run, too the extent I am saving it as a "spare", should I ever have a problem with the 1293 which has replaced it. The 1275 (plus .020)... MORE

Pixel- Good, educational post on this subject. Look forward to "finished" article on this thread on your website, in time. Got my Stapleton book, today. Knew it was from you in accordance with appearance of "careful, secure" packing (your personal trademark!) and decided to celebrate in advance. Went out with "the guys" and had two raspberry martinis. Now too "loaded" to read book! Obviously, this is your fault! Offllist message follows regarding picture of Judson stub manifold showing angle of carb. mounting and boost gauge compatible with Judson boost curve, assuming I can stay awake, not pass out, and... MORE

OK Mike you got me... Anyone fancy a ride in a Midget that out-handles out-brakes and out- accelerates a Subaru Impreza Turbo P1 (based on the evidence of a track day at Bruntingthorpe last Saturday)? On a couple of laps I was showing 8300rpm in top on the straight (3.9 diff - 134mph...) Trouble is though, if I drive to London I will have to rebuild the engine before I go home... J "jamesbilsland" 8603... MORE

Ya know, Allen- I figured this might be the case. Writing a book about what others know doesn't make the author an expert in ALL matters pertaining thereto, despite this author's obvious personal in-depth experience and knowledge on the subject and all the modification "links" to same. This would be just too much to expect. For good general knowledge I would certainly appreciate Daniel's advice but would more appreciate that from Frank C. and other listers who virtually "build" these cars on a continuous and continuing basis. I am not the "hands on guy" I used to be in... MORE

Hi Guys, Hope you're all doing fine out there in Spridget world...have a Great Christmas & New Year. Since I last wrote, the 'madness' has subsided; I didn't buy a MG Metro Turbo and have given up the idea of a spridget turbo, it seems quite complex, and other more worthy folk have done it and been there already. So, not content with a slow moving Frogeye restoration (2 1/2 years so far...) and not having mush cash to hand, a mild madness returned & I blew part of the restoration fund on a cheap, scruffy but structurally sound... MORE

As you know, my friends, Dave and Mike are building a 62 Sprite into a rotary powered Dragster. Between this and other acquisitions, this is enough to keep anyone busy for awhile. Recently Dave came across a 60 Willys CJ3, it's military equivalent is the M38a. The body of this rolling abortion has more whiskey dents than any dirt track racer would ever take credit for. Dave has a side job lined up that will give him a Cherokee 360 with a turbo 400 to go into this Jeep. In my usual smart assed fashion, I glibly suggested that... MORE

Ok, sanity has returned; I have given up on the Turbo Frogeye idea, too much clever engineering for me. I followed Mike North's advice abiut engine building & tuning & have checked out the Mini scene - has loads of great articles by Keith Calver; much of it applicable to Spridget A series engines too. One article seems to give more hope to those of us with a 1098 engine, and he reckons it's not quite the poor engine it is reputed to be but a forgotten relative that with correct treatment can impress. He recommends the Swiftune... MORE