Forced Induction

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I saw a fellow at a Mini Mania swap meet in Milpitas 2 years ago who had a 2.0L Ford in a 72 or 73 Midget setup with a side pipe exhaust system, mid cam and a set of Webers. He did I real nice conversion... didn't cut any corners. And I can tell you from first hand experience that the 2.0L will walk all over the 2.3L anyday, I drove both. I had a Pinto wagon w/ a 2.0l and it screamed... espicially after I added an Ak Miller turbo kit and Quicker suspension kit. 140 MPH is... MORE

I wonder what the cost of 180hp turbo 'A' is against a 180hp normally aspirated 'k'? "Jeremy Cogman" 5515... MORE

Racing drivers always want more power... Its a question of power to weight ratio - with a 600kg car and 140bhp I have out-accelerated race prepared Porsche 911's (2.7 Carreras not Turbos). With 180bhp I suspect you are getting up to Formula car speeds. Mind you Simon tells me he couldn't 'floor it' unless the wheels were in a straight line even in the dry.... J "James Bilsland" 5517... MORE

It's mentioned in "How to power tune MG Midget and Sprite for road and track" by Dan Stapleton, He doesn't go into it in great detail as far as I can remember but I'll look it up tonight if you like. It's something I'd sort of considered as Metro turbo's are so cheap these days. I've a feeling that you need to modify the midget bonnet to house it all as the single (HS4?) carb is stuck up on a high manifold.... "Stuart Toller" 5509... MORE

The standard MG Metro Turbo was alleged to produce 93bhp at the flywheel - although anyone who has driven one will question that - they feel no quicker that a ordinary 1300 MG Metro... You *can* use the Metro Turbo set up on a Midget - use the head and manifolds - You have to be careful on compression ratio with turbo engines (although the standard Metro Turbo has quite a high CR) so you may have to change the pistons too. I'm just not sure its really worth the bother - the Metro Turbo has very little boost... MORE

slightly off track I know, but I am looking for some advice on another MG.. .. Having seen the recent article in the UK magazine Practical Classics about tuned Spidgets, my curiosity about Turbocharged A series has been re-kindle d. I have wondered for a while if it was possible to fit the MG Metro Turbo se t up into a spridget, obviously it is possible. I have just been offered a cheap complete MG Metro Turbo at under =A3200 an d am asking if anybody has any experience with them, what to look for and t he pros... MORE

I wonder why did Mr. Page go to all the trouble to turbo his car for a mere 40HP over the 140HP of a normal aspirated motor. "Jon Paschke" 5512... MORE

Jeremy and all, I have considered the Jag lump in the Midget... wasn't there a Jag engined Frogeye way back? ended up in Oz? Must do a web search... K-series looks a good idea - I know a chap that has built a number of very high output K-series (up to 250 bhp from the 1.8 litre!). Trouble is they aint cheap, especially the RWD conversion parts (though at least available off the shelf). The Mazda I would like, and its been done before as well, but bit rare in UK. Although come in RWD format. For some (irrational?)... MORE

Hi People, Bit of an open question that I may have asked before, so forgive me if this is a bore - but then again it might stir up a few views as it's been a bit quiet... The work on getting my 1500 back in the road progresses apace, and with that in mind I am trying to get straight in my head what I shall do with my '2nd' Midget. It's a '71 rolling shell. Bought from a scrap yard cheap. Literally a panelled monocoque less boot(trunk)lid, but includes front suspension/steering/brakes, rear suspension (empty axle). The wings... MORE

Pleased to report that I managed to put my front crossmember straight with the help of a borrowed porta-power. I first weakened the structure by hacksawing part way through the weld between the crossmember and the inner wing assembly. By wedging the base of my engine crane under the rear and right front part of the front chassis, I could then use it with the porta-power to get a vertical push down on the left shock absorber mounting point. I've measured and spirit-leveled everything I can, to be sure that I'll have equal spring compression and camber angle left... MORE

I put a starter from an 88 Isuzu Impulse on my bugeye vintage racer. It worked great till the starter failed. I plan to get another one. This was a starter from a turbo car and the replacement cost is about $125. Is the Trooper starter cheaper? Anyone? "Tom and Sharon Shirley" 4970... MORE

Arnold- Oh, stock Metro! OK You already have recommendations for "basic" needle strarting point I previously sent you along with jet and spring rec. as well and know turbo-Metro set-up is suck through from prior mail as well. So, you are off to fine start. Understand you are fabricating a manifold a la the Dean approach. Good show! Yes, Arnold, do keep me advised and I will get the Aldon advance map to you over the internet ASAP, I promise. Cap'n. Bob '61 :{) PilotRob@... 4705... MORE

Does one not need a special (or modified) carb for a forced induction system insofar as the carb needs to be wholly within the pressurised environment. I guess this is maybe not the case if the blower sucks (rather than blows). I guess Arnold may well have reached the point where he thinks his blowers sucks! Jeremy '63 Sprite - Kept up with a Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe going to Goodwood at the weekend - OK so we were in a queue of traffic but still great to be in such exalted company! "Jeremy Cogman" 4639... MORE

Jeremy, sir! "No", the carb does not have to be in the pressurized environment, a "special" type required for aforementioned, "yes". And, "yes", on today's readily available pump octanes it is a "must" to "tailor" the engine "build" for low pressure forced induction or experience "Arnold type" problems with application; you gotta do your "homework", first. And, "yes" the Judson "sucks"! :) But, man, the 6psi boost curve of the 948 applied to the 1275 is "super quick" and high rpm is not required if vehicle properly geared for application. BTDT; it goes like a rocket (relatively speaking, of... MORE

Hello, Arnold- Unless I miss my guess, you about already have the "right" needle, if you got the HIF44 off a turbo Metro. Wouldn't happen to be a "BDD", would it? I know this because I am going the same way on my application as well and so is Mike MacLean (maybe, in his case, he's considering a 1275 with 5 speed now, not sure about the blower part) and have been doing the necessary research to get "basic" profiles sorted. Thanx to Mike MacLean, acquired fabricated manifold to place between HIF44 and Judson intake manifold. When I found... MORE

Hey all , I just got back from my very first ever rally, and then car show the next day (today) I did miserable at the rally, I tried to do it alone. But I sure did have fun. The car show today was great! about 800 British cars from mini's on up to rolls Royce, everything in between, my little midget was outclassed but again I had fun, met some nice people. you Healy guys///wow were there some nice cars!!! a few concourse quality rides. They only 2 problems I had the entire trip was 1 my wipers... MORE

Hi Paul The venue for the Cambridgeshire MASC meeting is the Mad Cat at Pidley (just north of St Ives) and the meeting starts at 8pm on Thursday (13th Sept). Let me know if you need directions and I will do my best. I will let Rodger (the Arkley owner) know you are coming, incidentally he is also planning to fit an over bored engine to his Arkley and was talking about a supercharger, so I think you may have a bit to chat about. Even more incidentally did you mention that your family had a vineyard in the... MORE

Hi, Peter- As I am preparing my car for Judson supercharger (much heat!), so installed Speedwell (USA) vertical alum. rad. along with suckthru 1000+CFM fan (removed mechanical) and also use stock 1275 oil cooler (to be later replaced with 16 row unit and "off engine" oil filter set-up, when blower-"tailored" 1293 arrives for installation). Currently running a stock 1098 (came with car). Cooling with alum rad so good it must be more than 50% "blocked off" for winter use with 180F thermostadt. Cap'n. Bob '61 :{) PilotRob@... 3163... MORE

Hi, Peter- As I am preparing my car for Judson supercharger (much heat!), so installed Speedwell (USA) vertical alum. rad. along with suckthru 1000+CFM fan (removed mechanical) and also use stock 1275 oil cooler (to be later replaced with 16 row unit and "off engine" oil filter set-up, when blower-"tailored" 1293 arrives for installation). Currently running a stock 1098 (came with car). Cooling with alum rad so good it must be more than 50% "blocked off" for winter use with 180F thermostadt. Cap'n. Bob '61 :{) PilotRob@... 3162... MORE

Hi James, I take note of your comments, and I must say they do worry me a bit, (your knowledge of these engines is undoubtedly much greater than mine), but the idea of the sandwiched gaskets was recommended to me by a friend who use to build race tuned engines at BMC. This technique of sandwiching gaskets was used as a method of lowering compression, especially when high octane fuel was not available. Apparently, (so I'm told) 11 to 1 CR requires a fuel with an octane of 104, and as five star, (not available round these parts) is... MORE

are you racing sat or sun ?? The camshaft from memory was a mg metro turbo or equivalent. I don't remember the piston details other than they are powermax I seem to recall. I have also changed the distributor to an Aldon Yellow I think. What do you do about the brakes on your race car ? can you modify then or are you held to book by the regs peter peter bentley 2039... MORE

Peter I have a 1380 race car. If you're going to MGCC Silverstone at the weekend I am running in the FADS Midget Challenge race (#6) The ordinary 1275 Metro head is nearly identical to the Midget head however the 1275 (non 'Turbo') MG Metro cylinder heads have bigger inlet valves as standard. To make a 1400 (are you running 74mm pistons?) really work however I recommend that you save up for a modified cylinder head (and a 45 DCOE Weber!). What camshaft are you running? James "James Bilsland" 2038... MORE

Hi All, just a quick note to report on Spridget motorsport. I took up the local Spridget group's invitation to visit the Gurston Down Hillclimb last weekend [The website link in previous discussion lists was handy for navigation directions & background info] and managed to catch class 1 (MG cars) in action. I was impressed with the whole thing: a 'proper' motosport venue under an hour from home, and having only been to vintage hillclimbs before (Austin 7, Riley, M-type midget etc), amazed at the 'modern' cars and technology involved. The MG community ranged from MGF's through Metro Turbos... MORE

Metro 998 had them as standard. Might cost you 5 max. Some Turbo and VDP automatics also included some nice water heated oil coolers (heat exchangers) to keep the oil temp under 100c, in theory. I exported a ton of these things to the US but everyone only wants to buy the ones from Minimania etc. Rob (..who got to play with real SEMTEX today at work!!!) "rob thomas" 1522... MORE

Flat plate like a fuel pump blanking plate but a large bore stub comes off it at 90 degrees. This connects to a large bore rubbery pipe that acts to collect and drain the oil that runs through the turbo bearings. It is a downwards drain that catches the hot oil from the bearings and dumps it straight into the sump. Uses a standard fuel pump gasket. I used one of these vented to the air via a nasty cheap filter. Changed it later for a breather canister from a Rover 2300 which looks identical to the ones used... MORE