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Jeremy, A couple of source suggestions for your bushes. Both have on-line ordering and catalog request. Victoria British or The Winners Circle 1387 Sloane Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107 216-222-4666 Of the two, Winners Circle is more likely to be of help. They are primarily racers and can get hold of a lot of stuff that isn't found elsewhere including used. Hope this provides some clues. Rob Coxworth Batavia, IL 1975 Midget (that frustrates the hell out of me) robbiesg@... 22670... MORE

A question for the New World listers. The bushes for dual master cylinder pedals 2A5564 has been out of stock (in fact absent from price lists) in the UK for over a decade. Do any of the US (or maybe Antipodean) suppliers claim to stock it. There is so much play in my pedals I think the bushes may well have disintegrated by now. J. "Jeremy Cogman" 22667... MORE

Thanks to all who replyed. With your help , I think the interior is Yellow Ochre. It is gold/Yellow. It is not Brown/ Aut. leaf. So the best guess is that it was Teal Blue with Yellow Ochre. Still have not found a factory listing of exterior colurs and interiors. I am tending towards, Black Tulip, Green Mallard or the '74-75 Aconite. Any one with pictures of these colors? Thank you, Bill French frenchww@... 22597... MORE

Bill... I do not know what combination was offered by the factory but, you can't go wrong with one of the darker factory colors offered....I personally think it would look beautiful with Mallard Green or one of the darker British Racing Greens offered by the factory over time. When the interior of my PO'd '74 was autumn leaf, I chose a MAACO metallic "medium" blue. It contrasted beautifully with the interior which I eventually converted to black. Cap'n. Bob '60 :{) PilotRob@... 22596... MORE

Any one interested????? Midget Roll-over bar with cross-brace. Good. =A350. john@... 07967 473599, herts Contact: jg scott Email: john@... Tel: 01438 869234 Location: ardeley Hertfordshire United Kingdom Dated: 02/06/2003 "alan.east-jones" 22570... MORE

has anyone heard anything about who is best to build a performance engine i n the uk for about a =A31000? ive looked at med engineering, any experiences would be appreciated thanks Rob "R.Eades" 22566... MORE

Hi guys is this the same group i left, some 2 yrs ago. well im back at my sprite now. anyway just started stripping it to replaace the 2nd cill, and also fitting a 5 speed gear box while at it. So while the engine is out im looking to boost power. ie free flow exhaiust , hi lift cam. & poss hi lift rockers . i intend reusing the twin HS4 carbs but fit k & n Filters. Can anyone tell me of a proven choice of parts. ie f0r fast rd use. If I fit cam is... MORE

Bill, When you say 'Gold' do you mean yellow (Yellow Ochre in BL-ese) or brown? (Autmn Leaf) In 1973 the interior colours changed from black and Autumn Leaf to Navy and Yellow Ochre so you might have either. I'm not 100% sure of which body colours had which interiors as I've lent my Original Sprite and Midget book to a guy in work. The colours available over this period (and my recollection of which interior colour they came with) were: Black (Autumn Leaf or Black/Navy, never Yellow Ochre?) Glacier White (Aut. Leaf or Black/Navy) Bronze Yellow (Black/Navy) Harvest Gold... MORE

Can someonedescribe what color "Black Tulip" is other than Black? Was there a purple MG Midget? Maybe a 1500 rubber bumper year? If yes what is correct color name and what year? Thank you, Bill French frenchww@... 22559... MORE

I think the '73 Midget was a G-AN5 not a G-AN4, sorry. Quesion still the same , What exterior colors for the gold interior? Thank You, Bill French Hilton Head frenchww@... 22552... MORE

Need a little help. The '73 RWA Midget Mk III we got to fix up, was a dark/med blue ( repainted black) exterior with the Gold (Hazelnut/Autumn Leaf) interior. We want to keep the interior gold, Question is: What stock exterior colors were offered in 1973 with this gold interior, besides the Blue? My "Body service parts list" does not show the Gold in a G-AN4 ( Midget Mk. III ) Thank you, Bill French Hilton Head frenchww@... 22549... MORE

How about the Californian gets flown to London to meet Jeremy who drives him about Great Britain for a week before we meet up with Jim who carries the tool box as we all fly back to San Francisco where of course I will have to show them around for a week or so before we take the roll bar to Texas to install it. Naturally Jeremy and Jim will have to see the sights of Austin. I will rent a car, drive them to see New Orleans where they catch a plane back to London. I will visit... MORE

I came across rather a neat tracking device. It consists of a base with a very low table on it which slides sideways. When the car is pushed/driven across it, the 'toe' whether negative or positive, causes the the table to move sideways. It is attached to a pointer which tells you what the setting is. It is very easy to use and has eliminated prematurley worn tyres. I found best results were obtained if I made a non sliding dummy 'ramp' for want of a better description, identical in profile to the original, for the other wheel. In... MORE

Guys.... Alan.East-Jones is looking to buy a BE here in the states and bring it over to the UK. He's found what appears to be a restored BE located in Manchester, NH. Are there any listers in that area who might be willing to take a look at the car on his behalf? Isn't there a Bugeye pro rebuilding shop up there in that area? Cap'n. Bob '60 :{) PilotRob@... 22531... MORE

Frank Clarici Toms River, NJ 5 British cars on the road Frank Clarici 22507... MORE

I don't know how true it is, but it's reckoned that anywhere a B series will fit, you can get a Rover V8 in! It's already been done in more than one Midget. See for an example. Having said that, although the Rover is light in weight, it's actually quite a bulky engine for a V8 - small block Chevys and Fords are a little bit smaller. Regards David "David Jacobs" 22477... MORE

David, Have a brilliant fortnight in Scotland - I am sure you will. Unfortunately work and silly stuff like that prevents me from meeting up but I will listen out for your train on the Friday night. If you don't know Invarary already (and being a Campbell, you probably do!), you will love it there. My brother in law is a Durie, but his mother is a Campbell. Guy "Guy Weller" 22462... MORE

Welcome Mark Only last Sunday I met up with 10 other Spridgets in London. One of them was Roger Jefferson's 1275 Supercharged Arkley. If you and your Arkley ever make it up to London. Let me know and I'll buy you both a beer. Gary L 1958 Frogeye (mostly) Camden, London "Gary Lazarus" 22440... MORE

Everyones favourite stomach juice, hydrochloric acid. Go to google and select language services and you'll be able to do a translation to dutch. It will turn out to be something with too many consonants I don't doubt! J. What is muratic acid? Is there another word for this in English, or does someone know the chemical name or even better the Dutch equivalent? Br, Eeg. jeremy.cogman@... 22366... MORE

What is muratic acid? Is there another word for this in English, or does someone know the chemical name or even better the Dutch equivalent? Br, Eeg. Eeg.Oberije@... 22363... MORE

Wanna bet? Our government (UK) is full of orifices who graduated. "graduated As a teacher, I just keep thinking, "graduated orfices?", It's tough enough to get my students to graduate. Imagine how difficult it would be to get an orfice to graduate.:-) This is what happens when I show up at the computer too early in the morning. cheers, bill b. jeremy.cogman@... 22307... MORE

Anyone have a home cure for a gas tank that has Rust/Gunk in it, short of sending it out to be proffessional cleaned and coated inside? Thank you, Bill French Hilton Head "73 RWA in Cincinnati PS. With the help of members I found that 1275 Starter at Advance Auto/Worldwide Auto parts. Who would have thourht they would still carry that item. DAH frenchww@... 22301... MORE

David, After Lancaster station, and just 1/2 mile before you arrive at the next station, Oxenholme, if you look out ofthe train towards the west you will see a small village, about 1/4 mile from the rail line. That's where I live. And my 2 daughters live in Glasgow. Have a good trip to the UK! Guy "Guy Weller" 22282... MORE

Hi In Essex UK, someone has just broken a 1500 midget and has left over engine, rear axel with springs and propshaft and shocks, boot lid (good) plus other bits to be decided when rebuild finished. Condition unknown but reasonably priced. You collect !!!!! Contact me off list. PS this guy bought 2 1500 midgets, one absolutley shot, more rust than metal and nearly complete, the other is restorable, the bottom foot does not exist - yet. Terry "terry.isherwood" 22281... MORE

Chris, Interesting comments. The standard UK set-up has no pcv valve, the hoses just connect direct to vent fittings on the carb barrels. I still feel that the term crankcase "vent" is wrong. It sort of implies that the purpose is to allow excess gasses from the crancase to find their way out. In reality, the system is a much more active "extraction" process, whereby the induction system positively pulls gasses out, creating a negative crancase pressure. Guy "Guy Weller" 22260... MORE