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Hi; I was hoping you will be able to help. I was out today with my '61 bugeye. First gear has always been noisy, today as the revs climbed, the noise became almost a banging from the rear of the trans tunnel? Noise disappears when shifting up to 2nd. thanks Michael (Iver28) Rifton, NY. mcmcsey@... 22680... MORE

A question for the New World listers. The bushes for dual master cylinder pedals 2A5564 has been out of stock (in fact absent from price lists) in the UK for over a decade. Do any of the US (or maybe Antipodean) suppliers claim to stock it. There is so much play in my pedals I think the bushes may well have disintegrated by now. J. "Jeremy Cogman" 22667... MORE

Guy, You are correct. My suggestion is complicated compared to yours. If you get the results that you need, you should stick with it. (Pun NI.) I would however suggest that my apparatus exactly as shown in the photos has the small incremental advantage in that when done with use, one can sit down on it with a friend and have a beer. That's not something I'll be trying with your two stick device, but hey, whatever anyone else wants to do in the privacy of his own garage is none of my business... ;) H "hamondale" 22626... MORE

measure inside dimensions of a window frame. They each need to be somewhere about 3/4 of the track width between the inner faces of the front wheels - give or take a few inches. Measure by holding the sticks side by side and slide them lengthways so that one end of each stick contacts the face edge of each wheel rim. Mark the overlap position on the sticks accurately with a sharp pencil. Do this at the rear radius of the wheels first, with the sticks held close up to the chassis rails or engine sump. Repeat at the... MORE

Hia Ken, I agree with what Capn Bob had to say, just a couple of points that have not been raised. 1. You mention high ratio rockers (1.5 to 1) are you talking about roller rockers or standard type rockers with the higher ratio??? see below as to why i ask. As C Bob said not that much of a performance gain, but one of the main reasons to fit roller rockers is to cut down the side loadings on the valve when using high lift camshafts. The other point is what you consider to be a road cam... MORE

G'day Dermot There were two different 1098cc engines. The first ones (engine prefix 10CG in a Sprite/Midget) had the same 1.75" main bearing journals, and the same bolt pattern on the flywheel/crankshaft, as the 948cc engine. These engines were fitted to Mk II Sprites, Mk I MG Midgets, Morris Minor 1000 and Austin A40 Farina. The engines were all essentially the same except the Sprite had a different cam grind, and double valve springs. And of course twin SU carbies. It soon became apparent that the crankshafts weren't strong enough for the increase in capacity, so the next generation... MORE

Does anyone have any ideas for flushing clogged brake lines on a 1972 MGB? I have thought about brake parts cleaner or compressed air or maybe even a combination of both. At this point I am unable to get fluid from reservoir to wheels by applying pedal pressure with known good master cylinder. Setup is dual tandem, non servo type. Thanks, Warren "nipper6579" 22577... MORE

Hi guys is this the same group i left, some 2 yrs ago. well im back at my sprite now. anyway just started stripping it to replaace the 2nd cill, and also fitting a 5 speed gear box while at it. So while the engine is out im looking to boost power. ie free flow exhaiust , hi lift cam. & poss hi lift rockers . i intend reusing the twin HS4 carbs but fit k & n Filters. Can anyone tell me of a proven choice of parts. ie f0r fast rd use. If I fit cam is... MORE

Does anyone have any idea where I might find a roll bar for a '63 Sprite? I'm not going racing or anything like that, I'm just trying to recreate the look of a car that I had in college. I'd like to be able to put the top up if I have to.(though I haven't yet) Everything I've seen is for later models. Also, Colin, if you're out there, did I mention that the master cylinder had already been re- sleeved and the rebuild kit worked fine? Thanks for the info. Thanks, Jack Texas "austinbud2002" 22541... MORE

My 62 with stock smooth case is annoying to shift because it has too much resistance on the shift lever, catches slightly and is hard to shift into first in particular. Otherwise it operates well in every other respect, in fact it is not noisy in first at all. Could this perhaps be the detent plungers worn or the anti-rattle plunger worn? Or . . . ? Don "Don May" 22527... MORE

OK all, got one. Have any of you EVER heard of a caged needle bearing Pilot Bush/bearing in a STANDARD motor, i.e. DRY CLUTCH set-up as in 948/1098/1275, 1500 Spridget ??? And I DO mean just plain old run of the mill Spridget set-up!! Brad Fornal 22512... MORE

Yep, David... The new cars are definitely far better "runners" for sure. They run efficently on 87 unleaded PON and polute not and are much more safe than ever before BUT.....they are anything but user friendly when it comes to maintenance. They are expensive as hell to maintain when they have a problem. Simply opening up the taps at each wheel and the clutch slave with an empty beer can at each "tap" and waiting for the fluid (drip, drip, drip...slowly but surely as they drain simultaneously at the same time) in the MC to fall to almost the... MORE

Hello All! Just signed up to this forum and thought I would post to say hello and all that! I've also signed up for membership to the club as I've just taken ownership of a 1969 Midget-based Arkey SS. All the running gear is Midget, but has the 1800 engine and gearbox of the B. Looking forward to becoming a regular poster! Cheers Mark "Mark Pereira" 22425... MORE

Forgive if these have already been covered but: Crank pulley loose / coming to bits. Bad transmission mount. Propershaft UJ's jeremy.cogman@... 22414... MORE

A new T/O bearing is less than $20.00. I would sure be pissed if I replaced a clutch, put it all back in the car, and had to take it all apart again because the clutch wouldn't release because I used the old T/O bearing. Bob, Troutdale, OR 60 Bugeye "Robert Webb" 22412... MORE

Everyone seemed to think it was the thrust washers causing a bad vibration upon acceleration. I replaced them yesterday, and while the old ones were worn a bit, the new ones did nothing to fix the problem. Now I need suggestions on where to look for where it's coming from. The engine is running perfectly, no vibration when not under load, only when accelerating. I am not sure how to tell if it's coming from the tranny or the rear end, but it does seem to coast with no problem. Could this be a bad motor mount? the driver's... MORE can I swap out the engines after I service the 10CG? The car has the smoothcase trans which wa rebuilt years ago but only has a few miles on it. I was hoping to find another 948 engine, but to no avail so far. What does everyone think? Jeff Meyer "captaincogus" 22394... MORE

Actually, Jeremy... The crankcase pressure is in and of itself the propellent in a "ventilated" rather than "evacuated" system, the former of which I prefer for exactly the reason you state in your post to Guy Weller....less dilution of already diluted octanes. Fr'instance, I think it was Chris who mentioned dragsters with vacuum pumps hooked up to evacuate crankcase pressure and considering THEIR applications I can well nigh understand this, considering THEIR crankcase pressures!! Whoa, whoa!! :) Obviously, for the normal LBC daily driver this would be overkill but the point is made, though we are talking apples and... MORE

I was asked to pass this along to this list, what do you folks think?? Brad Can you clean up what I am writing here and post this to the Midget Yahoo list please. I am not on it. Any reply's I send there bounce. Subject: The GOLDEN Sprite ***************************************************** Rick Moses, coordinator of the every five years Sprite anniversary gatherings proposed a question......... Why not have, "the list," any individuals, sports car garages and those interested, restore a Bugeye Sprite? When it is completed we can sell raffle tickets for this car and give it away the last... MORE

G'day all The clutch line is the same as the brake line. And use plated steel fittings. Now fuel pressure - that's an interesting topic to raise. SU carbies were designed to run with 2.5 to 3 psi of fuel pressure, delivered as it happens via an SU fuel pump. With any more than 3 psi, the fuel can force it's way past the needle and seat in the carbies, fill the float bowl and flood the engine. You might notice the carby flooding, and change the needle and seat to solve the problem, but it is likely that... MORE

Hi Colin Thank you very much for this post, very helpful indeed. I think I'm going to go with the cupro-nickel tubing as you suggest. I've not come across or seen the original cadmium plated steel tubing. Moss over here do, do the 1/4" tubing, although I'll probably have to buy 25 foot roll of the stuff as this seems the smallest quantity they sell it in. How much effect will using the 3/8" tubing have on the fuel line pressure? Also, what size is the clutch line piping, as I'll probably do that at the same time. What... MORE

C. "Selling A14 engine from my departed MG Midget - recent rebuild; .020- over pistons, all new valves/springs/keepers/seals - has cast iron exhaust manifold, stock intake (non-heated) - reman carb & extra carb. Has remote oil filter included. Engine was run in car for @ 500 miles, no problems. Also have '80 210 5 speed trans available; may sell as package deal. Buyer pays shipping & crating fees. $1000 as engine/trans pkg, engine alone $850. Thanks, Bryan 919/875-1509 evenings - email: determined2win@... " DLancer7676@... 22248... MORE

could a faulty u-joint cause this? I just ran the car in 4th gear with the rear wheels lifted off the ground, and heard a slight knocking coming from under the car. I shut off the engine and crawled underneath, but didnt see anything wrong with either joint (for all i know) Ryan "ryanmill1" 22216... MORE

Ryan... There may or may not be a is not unusual to get noises emanating from the driveline of a standard shift car when running in gear with the driveline "unloaded". Cap'n. Bob '60 :{) PilotRob@... 22217... MORE

Must sell getting married and have to cut back on projects, the car was converted to RHD with all parts imported from the UK. New Moss Alum Valve cover and chrome bolts, new transmission, factory motor, webber side draft, 1963 Thomas Denner Bonnet one of the only ones known to be left from the short production run from 61-63. Lots of extra parts needs resto finished. Very rare car with paperwork to back the history. Needs paint and minor floor board patching, also will need interior work, also have custom side curtains with tinted glass. MUST SELL BY NEXT... MORE