Bugeye & Frogeye Videos

"Here's a nice, clean spin by a Bugeye Sprite at the VRG vintage event held at Shenandoah, Summit Point,West Virginia. It was rainy and slippery....I did the same thing in my 1500 Spridget three laps earlier. The orange car in front of me is a really nice 948 Lotus Seven."
"Lower runway event about 1964."
"Gymkana at Hickam AFB in 1964"
"This is an 1961 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite. I added the wind-up key and now it's the ultimate hybrid car! It gets 100 plus smiles per gallon!"
"Camera mounted on lead car, looking at 1961 Austin Healy Sprite."
"This is a 3 Rotor Bugeye Sprite at an auto cross in Fontana California on 10-15-2006. very nice exabition run!"
"An Austin-Healey Sprite invaids our 240 meet, british motoring at its best."
"One lap around Seattle International Raceway with Eric holding the super 8 film cam by hand in the passenger seat and bits of some actual races I was in."